I read something in a blog today and the words jumped out at me like a caged lion about to eat it’s first meal. It moved me to share my own thoughts on this subject which hits very close to home. Here is what it read:

“As abused children, we may feel that it is somehow our responsibility to fix the broken parts of our family. It’s not. Sometimes there is no fairy tale ending where our parents realize how truly wonderful we are.” *

My eyes filled with tears as I read each sentence in that short but empowering statement. How true it is to discover that we are not responsible to “fix” relationships that are toxic or abusive.

We are divinely capable to walk away from those who hurt us without guilt.

It is not our responsibility to convince our abusers why they are wrong and we are right, it is not a debate – This is a life we’re talking about. Our lives. Lives that deserve to experience joy and laughter, truth and grace, choices and independence; freedom and liberty, and most of all – LOVE.

Non-conditional. Non-retractable. Everflowing. Abuntant, LOVE.

In abusive relationships, everything comes with a price, even the affection and approval of your own flesh and blood can become conditional. This is where our ideas of being unworthy, not good enough, and bad can sometimes stem from. If we are constantly trying to appease someone who is incapable of ever being truly satisfied – our efforts will constantly feel like they fall short. Eventually we begin to internalize this pattern and it becomes much more complex and “personal” than we would have ever hoped.

You, Me and Everyone on this planet is worthy of being loved. Loved in the right way, that is. When we walk away from the wrong kind of love we are free to receive the right kind.

It only took one very intimate night with God for me to find that the one from which the purest of love flows is our Almighty Father. It is He who already knows how “truly wonderful we are” — we do not need to convince Him. We just need to be ready to recieve His love in full.

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