OK so we all know that TV is to be watched in moderation and too much is totally unhealthy. Yes, I recognize that and by posting this am not condoning excessive amounts of TV watching for your kiddos, especially when they can be playing outside, learning stuff or doing something creative. With that said, there are a lot of shows out there to choose from. But this show right here, Stella and Sam, is pretty blog worthy. I present to you:

The Top 5 Reasons Why Your Kids Should Watch ‘Stella and Sam‘:

  1. The Theme Song – It’s melodic and easy, not obnoxious or loud – totally catchy – not the kind that pops into your head when you’re taking a shower and you become so annoyed that you try burning your eyes with shampoo as a form of distraction. No. On the contrary – you will probably be happy when it pops into your head, hell, you may even Google the lyrics so you can sing along next time your kids watch it and really impress them.
  2. There are no unrealistic expectations about life to explain to your kids. They have a pet – but it DOES NOT talk. It’s name is Fred.  He is just your average dog – it barks and follows Stella and Sam basically everywhere. They play with stuffed animals, but the stuffed animals do not come to life when adults walk out of the room.
    Totally normal.   I like normal.
  3. They actually PLAY OUTSIDE!!! Literally every episode I’ve seen with my daughter they have been playing outside, breathing in fresh air, utilizing the glorious outdoors. *Oh, what a concept*
  4. They use their imaginations. Everything from magic shows to pretending a tree is a pirate ship (including using a spyglass made from a cardboard toilet paper tube).
  5. It’s just simple. Starting from the color scheme to the story line – everything about ‘Stella and Sam’ is clean and direct. I feel that this show perfectly emulates the simplicity and wonder of childhood.

I love this show, mostly because I love watching it with my special little girl.

The End.

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