My baby is still so young and in her eyes, boys still have the same essense as girls; they are all seen as friends, the way it should be as preschoolers. But I know what is to come, and I know how beautiful you are, Elianna. So it is never too early that I pray for your future mate. He is out there, (or maybe he’s not even born yet if you’re gonna be into younger guys) but nonetheless- I want the best for you, in ALL things, and if you decide to get married one day *in the very far-distant-future* ….I want the best mate for you because you are the best thing that’s ever happened to me. 

I pray that your future mate will love you with a powerful kind of love. That he will never abandon you and that he will never lie to you. I pray that he will be excited to see you every single day and that your fire for each other will never burn out. I pray he will be selfless – not selfish, giving – not greedy, romantic – not degrading. I pray your future mate will have eyes to see not just your outward beauty but also to see all of the beauty within your soul. That he will accept you just as you are and never seek to control you or manipulate you.

I pray that you will laugh together and go on adventures and that you will never forget where you came from. I pray he will be kind and gracious towards you, honest and hardworking – strong and mighty where strength is necessary. I pray he will honor you, and speak highly of you when you are in the room, but especially when you are not. I pray that he will be patient with you, gentle, loving and slow to anger. I hope you won’t ever have to yell at each other because I know how much you hate yelling – instead I hope you both will communicate constantly and never hold back from telling the truth to one another. I pray he will be approachable so you won’t ever be afraid to talk to him.

I pray he will honor you, and speak highly of you when you are in the room, but especially when you are not.

I pray that he will respect your boundaries and understand the word NO. That he will believe in your dreams and  do everything he can to help you achieve them. I hope that he will be wise and gifted with discernment for times when you don’t have all the answers. I pray he will be a sturdy shoulder to cry on if you ever feel sad – and that he won’t  EVER be the one who makes you cry. 

Most importantly I pray that he loves Jesus more than he loves you. Yes, more than he loves you. That is how you know his priorities are straight. (And if I raised you right, you will also love Jesus more than you love him.)
The rankage of who he loves should actually go as follows:

  1. Jesus
  2. Elianna
  3. Elianna’s Mom 😉

All joking aside, my hope as your Mother, is that you will wait for the one who loves you like you deserve to be loved. I hope that I can be an example of that for you as Mother’s Day approaches us this weekend and I will proudly celebrate as a single mom again this year. It is ok to wait, my daughter — when the treasure is precious, the keeper must be worthy. I hope you will hold on to that and also hold on to knowing how truly wonderful you are in my eyes and in your heavely father Gods eyes, too.

I love you, Elianna.

When the treasure is precious, the keeper must be worthy.

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