“It’s scary outside today, Mommy!”, my daughter said to me as she looked at all the fog ahead of our car on the way to school this morning.

I explained to her what fog is and how it makes seeing what is ahead of us very difficult. Just then, I realized there was an analogy to be made – Fog is much like our fears. It clouds our vision and our minds making it almost impossible to see what hope lies ahead. The only one who can already see beyond our fear (and the fog) is God.  

It must be our personal mission to face our fears head on in order for things to start becoming clear in our lives. Doing that is most definitely easier said than done – however, through Faith, the quest is already conquered.

A wise man once said:

Faith is Hope with Feet
– Michael Hoddy

We must have Faith in what lies beyond the fog that clouds our minds. Beyond those fears and anxieties that keep us in bondage, there is so much more that lies ahead:

Restoration. Love. Friendships. Salvation. Happiness. Success. Freedom.

A wholesome life in Christ.

The fog began to dissipate the more I drove toward it this morning, and the same can be true of our fears; meaning that, the more that we face our fears and go closer to them instead of running away – the sooner they begin to scatter beneath the feet we walk on.

Trample your fears. Stomp on them.

Leave your fears behind you as you walk into the fog.

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